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Mike & Nicole Whytsell

Mike & Nicole Whytsell

Take a look at the computer you are using to read this email. Do you have any idea what is in there? Mike Whytsell does.

Back when he was working as a carpenter, the enthusiastic computer hobbyist and technologist had a feeling his tinkering would pay off. Nicole, his wife and partner, who now works with Mike in their cozy Shelton office space, remembers urging him to take time out from “playing with his computers,” for the family.

Today, Mike is the computer technician’s equivalent to a black belt.

WorkbenchThe Whytsell’s business, Tech Warriors, offer a variety of services too long to list. Whether tutoring their senior neighbors on how to use the latest version of Windows 7, or repairing and removing viruses from the computers of local non-profit, Mason County Literacy, Mike’s hands-on approach earns him referral after referral, although he used to be more of an introvert.

Before the Whytsells enrolled in Enterprise for Equity’s Business Development Course, Mike was unemployed, due, in part to a back injury, and they worried about supporting their children, Casandra and Michael Jr. He knew he could be successful in a business but wanted to put all of the pieces of his business together in a plan.

Today, you would be surprised to think that Mike was ever shy, or that the Whytsell’s were ever worried about succeeding.

“People want us to be successful…We have customers putting up flyers and coming back for more business cards to give their friends.”

The Whytsells have a philosophy of kindness, which sometimes makes them angry at big computer repair companies, who often overcharge their customers.

“We don’t want to rip people off. We want to help people,” they both say at once.
Aside from their customer service, and the trust that they engender, the Whytsell’s offer peace of mind in a variety of ways – by protecting your computer from viruses, updating your software, even monitoring and updating your business computers from a remote location.

To find out more about how Tech Warriors can help you and your computer, visit

“Enterprise for Equity brought me out of my shell. I was always very shy, but they made me stand up there in front of the crowd at the Business Showcase…I thought: I’m going to change who I am.” – Mike Whytsell,  business owner and graduate of E4E.