Andrea Densley Keynote Concerts

Jazz vocalist Andrea Densley is a dual graduate with Enterprise For Equity. She enrolled in one of Enterprise for Equity’s pilot programs in early 2000 to pursue her singing career professionally. Shortly after graduating, a thyroid operation paralyzed one of Andrea’s vocal cords and she was told she might never be able to sing again. Again, Enterprise for Equity was there to help.

“[Executive director] Lisa Smith encouraged me to come back,” said Andrea, who, like many graduates, consider Enterprise for Equity an extended family.

Andrea had an extended background in fashion and costume design when she returned to get help starting another business, one that wouldn’t rely heavily on her damaged voice.  Her company, Legacy Design Studios, caters to an underserved group of women who love fashion and prefer to have a more covered-up, modest look. Several of Andrea’s designs were purchased by Simplicity Pattern Company and sold commercially. Enterprise for Equity helped her research, source material, develop a marketing strategy, network and build a website. She was also a beneficiary of the microloan program, which helped her purchase equipment and supplies for the business.

After two years of being unable to sing or speak above a whisper, a delicate nerve transplant allowed her voice to strengthen. With practice and faith, Andrea’s voice has improved enough to once again perform. After singing in a benefit concert at the Washington Center, Andrea was invited to perform at the Governor’s Mansion at the reception to celebrate Enterprise for Equity’s 15th anniversary.

Today, Andrea runs Legacy Design Studio as an independent contractor and does pattern-making, custom designing and alterations for a variety of projects. Additionally, she has recorded entertaining jazz music and gives inspirational Keynote Concerts using music to underlay her message of hope and empowerment. She can be contacted through or by email at


Alumni Praise for Enterprise for Equity

Enterprise for Equity is a place of hope. They ask, ‘What do you need? We can help. You can do whatever you want to do in business as long as you have a market and are willing to do the work. We’re here to support you.