Cassaundra Martinelli, Hair Designer & Color Specialist

Cutting HairElegant and energetic, Cassaundra Martinelli offers a sympathetic ear and a steady hand to her clients who often find that they are getting more than just a haircut, color correction, or some highlights.

“People come to me because I’m their place away from home. It’s about them. This is their moment.”

A few minutes in a room with Cassaundra is all it takes to catch a little bit of her contagious positivity.

Some other things take a little longer to figure out. You would never guess that she is a grandmother or that she raises two teenage grandchildren. She’s too youthful and she probably would be spending more time listening to your story than talking about hers. You could guess, after seeing what a precise job she has done on your hair, that she has twenty-five years experience cutting hair and communicating with her clients to give them exactly what they need.

Customer with babyIn 2005, Cassaundra enrolled in Enterprise for Equity’s Business Training Program.

She used the marketing skills she learned at Enterprise for Equity to determine the right size for her ads in the yellow pages. Too big, she found, people think you’re too expensive or successful. Too small and they glance right over it. Business decisions like these let her work part-time and be with her grandkids more often.

One thing Cassaundra didn’t need to learn from Enterprise for Equity was how to provide customer service above and beyond her clients’ expectations. Her natural charisma and her genuine desire to please her customers keeps them coming back year after year. Cassaundra welcomes new clients, but be warned, she is so good to her clients, she might be the last person you’ll ever let touch your hair.

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Cassaundra’s Hair:

1930 State Street NE, Olympia WA, 98501

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“Enterprise for Equity taught me that I needed to spend money to make money. I learned the importance of having business insurance. I learned to promote myself. I got a business phone so I wouldn’t need to wait around the studio or depend on others to make my business appointments.” – Cassaundra Martinelli, business owner and graduate of E4E.