Conscious Parenting

A resource for parents of teenagers.

Do you want: Connection with your teenager? Real communication? Love and joy in your family life? A foundation of trust and respect with your teen? The opportunity to mentor your teen into adulthood?

Conscious Parenting focuses on ways to guide and influence your teenager through this critically important and vulnerable stage of their lives. You will learn practical tools to help your child become a responsible, self-motivated, and autonomous adult. This powerful and innovative work is designed to transform your relationship with your teenager and to transform their relationship with the world.

Offering: one-on-one coaching and consultations (in office or over the phone), mediation services, classes, & workshops.

Debi Bailey draws on 29 years of personal experience as a mother of 3 children (now adults) and as a mentor to many other teens who were her children’s friends and her friends’ children. She has an educational background in psychology and philosophy and bases her “teenager specific” parenting philosophy on her professional training in the areas of Mediation, Landmark Education (Curriculum For Living) and Professional Life Coaching (Parent As Coach Academy).

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“One of the most important things I learned from Enterprise for Equity is the importance of marketing and how to use the resources available to me. No matter how valuable or desirable your service or product is, no one will purchase it, if they don’t know that you exist.” – Debi Bailey, owner of Conscious Parenting and graduate of E4E.