Marcy Deutsch

Marcy Deutsch

When Marcy Deutsch and her chief operations officer Robin Deutsch, also known as Mom, started Critters-on-Things, selling Marcy’s vivid animal portraits as prints, cards and note-cards, t-shirts, and a variety of other items, they weren’t just starting a business, they were defying expectations.

This was nothing new. As a child, Marcy defied doctor’s assertions that her autism would prevent her from speaking. At 11, an almost photographic drawing of her favorite pet, a Macaw named tiny, defied all reasonable expectations about what an 11 year-old could create with colored pencils. When she spoke at Enterprise for Equity’s business showcase, she brought the house down. The following May, when Marcy spoke at an autism conference, she received the same ratings as the keynote speaker. The next day, she was invited to speak at another conference for people with disabilities.

Mexican King SnakeMarcy’s success comes from her determination and her loving family, but Enterprise for Equity was also able to help. In the Business Training Program, Marcy developed her ‘sizzler,’ a brief, catchy speech about her business. She was also able to capture the details of her business and put them together in a plan to move her business toward profitability. She is bringing her love of animals and art together in a business that inspires that same love in those who buy her products.

Red Eyed Tree FrogMarcy’s art was phenomenal when she was 11, before she learned how to use watercolors, shading techniques, and oil paint. Today, she has produced hundreds of paintings and drawings in a variety of mediums, which can be purchased as imprints on dozens of items, including keep-sake boxes, holiday cards, coasters, and mugs at

“Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t do things. You can do anything you want as long as you have people who believe in you and encourage you to pursue your dreams. Enterprise for Equity does this and so much more.” – Marcy Deutsch, creator of Critters on Things and graduate of E4E.