Earth Art

Rise Above the Plastics: The Butterfly Effect

Carrie Ziegler’s artwork strives to bring issues of Environmental and Social Justice and personal development to the front of the viewer’s experience. Whether she is working on a public mural project or creating large scale sculptural installation pieces, her work revolves around these subjects. To affect positive change through art is this Olympia artist’s quest.

While she uses a variety of materials and processes in each project, her works are linked by recurring themes. Whether throwing pots or creating a lighted sculpture, what sets these pieces apart are the paintings that cover them. They strive to be beautiful, engaging, and provocative. Carrie enjoys the challenge of painting on diverse surfaces, both two and three-dimensional. Nature, the human struggle, and beauty link together works made from paint, clay, and paper.

You can find several of Carrie’s pieces around the Olympia Area. To find out more about her and her work in the local community visit her website

Vineyard Mural, 2009


“Before Enterprise for Equity, my highest priority was always making the art, which is what I love. Now I understand the importance of the financial aspects of running a business. By coupling strong business practices with creating an excellent product, I have a sustainable business that practically runs itself. ”  – Carrie Ziegler, owner of Earth Art and graduate of E4E.