Eldercare Counseling and Guidance Services

From the Eldercare Counseling & Guidance Services website:

“As Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Geriatric Care Managers, we provide support and help families navigate the complexities of caring for an aging loved one. We understand that this can feel overwhelming at times due to the number of decisions that need to be made.  There may be uncertainty about available resources, health or care needs, and fear or sadness that can accompany loss. We also know that families just want to do the right thing in caring for those that are often unable to speak for themselves.

Our role is to use our expertise in geriatric care and our in-depth knowledge of resources to help clients gain understanding and information, know their options, and make decisions that are in alignment with their resources, values, and goals.

If you’re looking for experienced guidance, whether it’s a consultation, on-going coaching and support, counseling, or professional care management for your loved one, we look forward to working with you to achieve the most positive outcome possible.”

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Phone: 360-259-0078
Email: laura@EldercareCounselor.com


Olympia, WA


“The instructors at Enterprise for Equity are skilled in building on the knowledge base the participants come into the program with while respecting participants as experts in their fields. They then guide participants in becoming confident business owners in the world of entrepreneurship.

Many of us are gifted in our fields and abilities, but lack knowledge in the world of business. We may have a gift, service or product that has the potential to better the lives of many, but do not have the knowledge or confidence to take those steps in sharing that with our community. Enterprise for Equity gave me the confidence to take my skills and channel them through a business model that would help reach far more people.

Enterprise for Equity helped build my confidence by addressing several areas such as my fears about owning a business, teaching me practical skills about money management and sharing knowledge about essential areas such as marketing, tax and licensing considerations and creating a successful business plan.

My experience of Enterprise for Equity was extremely positive and helpful. I felt their excitement about my progress, which only served to boost my confidence and success. I still feel supported by their staff and a part of their community. Enterprise for Equity created the opportunity for me to get out of my own way by giving me the tools I needed to create a business that I am both confident and successful in.” – Laura Vaillancourt, owner of  Eldercare Counseling and Guidance Services and graduate of E4E.