Emerge Complete

Emerge Complete sparks personal leadership through individual and team coaching/consulting services.
Amber Huffstickler designs and hosts participatory group processes using Liberating Structures, the Community Café approach, and TheoryU. Through her professional consultation, organizational teams strengthen their capacity to overcome today’s complex challenges. If your organization needs transformative change, contact Amber to discuss how she can support you.
In concert with consulting services, Amber offers month-long and quarter-long personal coaching packages for individuals and small groups. Clients near Olympia, WA can schedule their weekly 60-minute sessions in-person; Amber sets up long-distance clients with hassle-free video conferencing. She also offers monthly workshops for local youth looking to discover their motivations and pave a future path that honors their gifts and passions.

Ask Amber a question: amber@emergecomplete.com
Explore her services: www.emergecomplete.com
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“Enterprise for Equity guided my transition from day jobs that depleted  my energy to owning a consulting business that showcases my natural strengths. Through the 10-week course, I clarified my direction, defined my work, and set prices that accurately value my services. I am most successful when I have structure for my path forward. The Business Planning Program walked me through every component of business financials and operations in a way that changed an intimidating task into achievable small steps, and I’ve acquired the business language needed to compete in the professional arena. As my pursuits evolve and my path veers in new and exciting directions, I will take the foundational learning and connections built through E4E’s program to excel in future business ventures.” – Amber Huffstickler, owner of Emerge Complete and graduate of E4E.