Handworkers Studio

Zoe Hope K is an American handpoke tattoo artist, based at her private studio, Handworkers Studio, in Olympia, Washington. Zoe began learning to tattoo around 2011 and progressed over time with various mentors in the handpoking and general tattooing community.  Zoe works exclusively without the use of a tattooing machine to create her works. She implements pointillism, also known as dotwork, to create her intricate, yet bold, tattoos. Zoe graduated from the Evergreen State College with a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis on printmaking and drawing. Alongside tattooing, Zoe is a practicing relief and intaglio printmaker, illustrator, and painter.


Handworkers Studio offers beautifully executed custom, hand-poked, machine-free, tattoos in an inclusive and inviting space.


See more of her amazing work and book an appointment through her website: www.handworkersstudio.com