Jusby the Clown

Jusby the Clown with Pied Client

Jusby the Clown (on the left)

Justin B. Wright studied dance, multi-media, and the shamanic origins of clowning at the Evergreen State College. In 1996, during “Circus Olympus” he discovered that had already been a clown his whole life.

After he joined the Red Nose Brigade in 2004 he developed his character “Jusby” and began performing consistently at schools, parties and parades. In 2008 Justin graduated from Enterprise for Equity’s Small Business Training Program. In 2009 he graduated from the Simple Fool’s Silly School of Top Secret Esoteric Clowning.

Jusby's logoJustin continues his studies by attending conventions, workshops and playshares. At the 2009 Northwest Festival of Clowns, Jusby earned Bronze, Silver, and People’s Choice Awards in competition.

Jusby’s services promote healthy laughter through archaic and avant-garde clowning techniques. He offers: Pies, Transformations, and Guided Laughter for Individuals, Parties and Communities.

Pie-in-the-faces now available in Plain, Chocolate, Strawberry, French Vanilla, Coconut, Organic and Dairy/Sugar Free. Pies only delivered to willing faces, of course.

Jusby and Giant Phone

No job too small, no phone too big

Transformations include: limp latex to balloon dog, plain faces to painted ones, and plain skin to temporarily tattooed or bejeweled.

Guided Laughter involves group participation call and response of dozens of easily imitated laughter forms from the animal kingdom and pop culture. We create highly contagious, safe, appropriate, profoundly memorable and healthy laughter.

To find out how you can have Jusby at your next party or event, visit his website jusbytheclown.com.

“The most amazing part of the E4E training was that it encouraged me to ask the difficult questions and accept the answers in a way that allows me to do what I love. I found that there are enough potential customers in the area. They need and value humorous entertainment that is safe, appropriate, and surprising.” – Justin Wright (a.k.a Jusby the Clown), business owner and graduate of E4E.