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Jenna Shaputis

Jenna Shaputis

Creative expression moves through everything Jenna Shaputis touches. She almost can’t help herself. After graduating from the Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago she experimented with creative performance for several years, then moved into acting and puppetry and most recently she has delved into textile art.

Jenna can make just about anything out of anything and with her eye toward fashion she has carved out several beautiful lines of children and women’s clothing. Jenna’s skill with textiles, passion for color and her love for the earth (most all of her clothing is used or recycled materials) make for beautiful designs! These one of a kind quality pieces thrill the parents and friends of the children who wear her clothing.Sweater Red Black

When she completed Enterprise for Equity’s business training program in 2007 Jenna was able to focus her energy on setting solid goals for her business, pricing her products and services at competitive levels and fine tuning her product lines.

Jenna has been a single mom for many years and has loved inviting her 6 year old son Zadi to model her clothing – she has not needed to convince her friends to show off her wares!

sweater_redorangeYou can find Lady Frog Designs’ amazing pieces at Gull Harbor Mercantile (4932 Boston Harbor Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98506).

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“The business classes really helped me to appreciate my talent. I loved the group process of working together with everyone in my class – each part of the planning process helped me to get clear about my goals. I especially loved exploring the best ways to increase my income at a very manageable pace over time.” –  Jenna Shaputis, owner of Lady Frog Designs and graduate of E4E.