Julia Annis – Nia Instructor

Julia Annis

Julia Annis

The Body’s Way… “Prepare. Ready yourself. Consciously create a foundation for new knowledge. Become aware of where you are. Focus on a new level of mastery. Sense your transformation.” -Debbie Rosas Stewart and
Carlos AyaRosas, creators of The Nia Technique.



Nia was created nearly 30 years ago. The impetus was to find strength, health and pleasure. Nia draws from Eastern and Western disciplines to develop mind and body wellness. Nia promotes health by encouraging each person to move the way their body is intended to move.

As a teacher and a student of Nia I am continually inspired by the movement and the music. Nia stimulates my senses. I have gained an understanding of who I am in this world and in my body.

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The benefits of Nia include strength, balance and cardiovascular training. Nia is adaptable to all fitness levels. Beginners are welcome. Second class is free for new students.

Through Movement We Find Health; “Love your Body, Love your Life!”

To find out more about how you can attend one of Julia’s classes visit her website.

“Enterprise for Equity is one of the most important business relationships I have. They succeed in individualized training that is effective and rigorous. Entrepreneurs are highly supported in all aspects of business.” – Julia Annis, Nia instructor and graduate of E4E.