Nineveh Assyrian

Lisa David, owner and brother Jacob David

Lisa David, owner and brother Jacob David

After working throughout my childhood in my parents’ restaurant and in the service industry as an adult, I have decided to create a restaurant to satisfy my passion for cooking the food of my people.

Nineveh, the last capital of the Assyrian Empire was once one of the largest settlements in the world. Around 700 BC the Assyrian Empire stretched from Egypt to Persia. Assyrians were adept at many things – making great strides in Astronomy, Mathematics, Medicine, and Science. The food enjoyed daily by these ancient people, the food of my ancestors, is what I bring to Olympia.

Located at the corner of Plum and 4th, Olympia

To find out more about Nineveh Assyria, see a menu, or check out their catering options, find them at their website


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