Olykraut Original Gourmet SauerkrautOlyKraut is a small artisan company,  which has been rooted in Olympia  since 2008. We are completely devoted to producing energetically rich, probiotic, organic, raw and vegan fermented vegetable products, as locally as possible. OlyKraut handcrafts sauerkrauts, pickles, and sipping brines in Olympia, Washington. For nearly a decade we’ve developed our original recipes, using centuries-old preservation techniques, and sourcing the best possible ingredients. We seriously shred, thanks to our fantastic employees, delivery drivers, and farmers’ market folks who live across the Pacific Northwest.

All of our culinary creations celebrate life, raw tradition and ancient preservation techniques that enhance and intensify the nutritional value of raw vegetables. Filled with probiotic (Lactobacilli) that boost immune function, support astounding digestion, revitalize the body after antibiotic treatment and increase overall nutrient absorption.
To find out more about OlyKraut and where you can buy our products visit our website www.olykraut.com.


Sash Sunday, Founder

“OlyKraut was formed with a lot of enthusiasm and very little time but we knew what we wanted to do and had been running the business for about a year when we enrolled in Enterprise for Equity. It seems to be the case that with two owners you can be twice as strong or cancel each other out, and with Enterprise for Equity training, we were able to develop a business plan together that encompassed our individual strengths and crystallized our shared passion for food, health, and a sustainable local economy into a business that can support us and our community as we move towards a healthier, more sustainable future. ” – Sash Sunday, E4E graduate