Ruby Scribe Writing

Ruby Scribe Writing offers professional marketing, website, and social media packages that are rooted in a strong knowledge of what attracts clients. Readability, freshness, and usefulness are always at the forefront.

Businesses need website/newsletter/blog content that grabs the attention of potential clients who are constantly interacting with the ENORMOUS amount of information on the web!
  • – You want a fresh authentic voice and someone to make your online presence fun and appealing to your audience. 
  • – You want balance when it comes to email marketing without spamming–but more than that, you want to use the internet to create real relationships with your clients. 
  • – Want to get your message across so that your website is a reflection of your business and who you are? 
  • – Want someone who is well versed in current marketing trends and innovations?
I have passion for helping people articulate their product/service so that the desired effect–be it less fuss with the details, more time to work in your business rather than on your business, more customers–is yours.
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“Enterprise For Equity gave me the foundation I needed to be confident that I had everything I needed to be a smart business owner. When I started my business four years prior to the training, there were so many things I didn’t know, and I knew that I didn’t know them, but I didn’t know what those things I needed to know were, let alone where to find the answers! It was terrifying! I wish I had the help of Enterprise for Equity from the start…but I’m glad I found them when I did because now I can really articulate what I do, who I want to do it for, what to charge, and how to grow. Even after being in business for four years, I still learned SO much useful information from the business planning program!” – Gio, founder of Ruby Scribe and E4E