Shelly Haas, Wellness Coach

Shelly Haas, Wellness Coach is a Certified Transformational Life coach as well as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Her passion is supporting people in making a fresh start to creating the lasting change in their life that they desire. Shelly offers private coaching, group coaching, and workshops where she provides a calm, caring, supportive, and non-judgemental environment that is adaptable and flexible to fit the needs of each client or group that she works with. She has supported her clients in clarifying their goals and reaching them,  improving their health, gaining energy, losing weight, making positive career changes, fostering self care, increasing self love, learning to better handle life’s stress, building community, improving relationships, transforming their inner critic to an inner cheerleader, gaining control over their eating habits, lifestyle habits, and their life so they can lead a life that feels good and is authentic to who they want to be, without struggling through it on their own.

Available for workshops, group, & private coaching in your workplace or organization. 
Private & group coaching is offered via phone and video conferencing, as well as at Flourish In Olympia. 
Weekly workshops also offered at Flourish In Olympia – 112 4th Ave E. 
For more information about how Shelly can help transform your life, please visit her website or her Facebook page.


“E4E supported me in creating clarity in my vision for my business, as well as clarity in the steps I need to take in order build it in a way that will sustain me. Through the training & writing of my business plan, I gained the knowledge & confidence that I was lacking to bring my vision to fruition. The environment was supportive, Joanne is an amazing instructor and coach, and the support & camaraderie of my classmates helped me feel motivated, supported, and not alone on this entrepreneurial journey!”- Shelly Haas, Wellness Coach and graduate of E4E.