Steamboat Junction Farm

Steamboat Junction is a small, diversified farm specializing in mixed vegetable, pork, eggs, and heirloom garlic production, located in Holiday Valley, near Olympia, Washington. 

 Owner Evan Mulvaney is one among a growing number of young farmers. He lives to work the land, care for animals, and bring that love of good food to his community.  Most of the farm’s inputs are locally sourced. For example, feed is grown and milled in Toledo, just 60 miles south and fertilizer comes from the neighbor’s livestock. Production is done in an ecologically responsible way meaning NO hormones or antibiotics, NO chemicals, and NO GMOs’. Greens are picked early in the morning on market days so they are fresh.


Steamboat Junction Farm products can be sourced directly from the farm. Additionally, products are currently being used and sold at:

Steamboat_GarlicThe West Olympia Farmer’s Market
• East Olympia Urban Farm and Garden Center – seed garlic
• Grocers such as: Ralph’s and Bayview Thriftway, H&L Produce, Collelo’s, Haggen, Harbor Greens, and S&S Produce Stand
• Restaurants such as: Swing Wine Bar, Waterstreet Cafe, Jermey’s, Three-Magnets Brewing, Our Table, and Iron Rabbit


To find out more information about Steamboat Farm be sure to visit their website

Steamboat_Evan“Enterprise for Equity gave me a lens through which to view my farm as an interconnected small business within the greater Olympia business community.” – Evan Mulvaney, founder of Steamboat Junction Farm and graduate of E4E.