Steinberg Editorial Services

Sara J. Steinberg July 2014

Writing is a daunting task. Will publishers see you as a pro or an amateur? Wise authors seek editing to ensure they’ve communicated their intended words of information, inspiration, or entertainment. That’s where I come in. From first idea to last draft, I support you through every step on the writer’s path.

Whether you’re starting with an idea or polishing a nearly finished piece, editing is the key to success. Sure, I’ll insert missing commas and fix grammatical errors, but you’ll also get my professional opinion about organization, clarity, and effectiveness. I’ll help you sharpen your unique writing style and find your voice.

Ultimately, this is your baby, and every decision is yours. But before you send your baby out into the cold, cruel world of publishing, won’t it be a pleasure to have the confidence that this is as fine a piece of writing as you can make it? Here are some ways that I can help you bring impeccably edited writing into being, and into the marketplace.

Developmental Editing helps you make crucial decisions early in the writing process, saving you time and effort.

Substantive Editing is an in-depth edit for content and readability.

Basic Copyediting polishes your manuscript before it’s formatted, avoiding costly last-minute changes.

Proofreading will catch any problems introduced during formatting.

Manuscript Evaluation can help your self-published work succeed with readers, or ensure that your manuscript is ready to submit (via an agent) to publishers.

Book Proposals help you acquire an agent, or to create and promote a self-published nonfiction book.

Indexing makes nonfiction books more attractive to readers and reviewers.

In volunteer work related to her editing/writing background and love of reading, Sara facilitates the Yelm Writers’ Circle, which meets monthly on the second and fourth Thursdays, 6-8 p.m., at Olympia Federal Savings, 907 Yelm Ave. W, Yelm. She also volunteers with the non-profit Friends of Yelm Library, helping to provide library activities, resources, and equipment for all ages.

To learn more about how Sara can help you, email her at

“I had decades of experience as a freelance editor, but no business training, when I found E4E. Frankly, I was surviving but not thriving, primarily because I had no idea how much, or on what basis, other editors charged. Developing a business plan through the E4E training and participating in their continuing education programs has given me the knowledge and confidence to put my business on a firmer foundation. Recently, I have begun to present workshops introducing writers to the services that editors provide. E4E has always been there to offer support and resources, and I encourage anyone who dreams of working for themselves to become part of the E4E family.” – Sara Steinberg, founder of Steinberg Editorial Services and E4E graduate.