Type and Style Design

Christine Philippsen

Christine Philippsen

Building a brand does not happen over­night and doesn’t end with just a logo and a business card…but that is a good place to start. Talk to Chris­tine Phil­ip­psen, Olympia’s go-to consul­tant on bus­iness card de­sign, and she will tell you that your brand’s recog­nition can be boosted by all of your business materials — even your internal documents, invoices and emails.

Christine owns and operates Type & Style Design, a graphic design and print consulting service that provides start-ups, established businesses, non-profits and others with professional design services and print consulting.

When she came to Enterprise for Equity, Christine had already embarked on a retail business venture—one that was struggling to stay open. Trainers and staff at Enterprise for Equity helped her to realize that all she needed to start a profitable business was a business plan that capitalized on her 20 years of experience in art, design, and customer service, and her broad expertise as a print designer/contractor.

In fact, she sets herself apart from most graphic designers by applying her experience in the print industry—helping customers choose the right printer for the right job and knowing how graphic elements can affect a project’s bottom line and production time. Christine recommends printing locally and using “eco-friendly” papers and vegetable-based inks whenever possible.

Some clients come to her with a specific vision while others want to leave it all up to her. She can design/redesign any of your documents to be both “visually strong and bottom line practical”. Ultimately her goal for your materials is that they promote your professional brand, aid your productivity and grow your business.


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