Grow a Profitable Food, Farm or Fish Business







This will be conducted as a virtual training with a live trainer

Agri-Preneur (Thurston and Pierce)

December 2020: 
Thursday, December 3, 5:30-8:30 PM
Friday, December 4, 9-2 PM
Saturday, December 5, 9-2 PM
January 2021:
Thursday, January 7,  5:30-8:30 PM
Friday, January 8, 9-2 PM
Saturday, January 9, 9-2 PM


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Agri-preneur Business Planning Program

  • Create a financially sustainable enterprise
  • Write a strategic business plan for a profitable business
  • Learn important Financial Planning, Record keeping & Marketing Skills

Enterprise for Equity and Washington State University Extension Small Farm Program have joined together to help more farmers grow food for our local communities and be profitable in the process.

This is a high-quality, research-based approach to business planning for food- and farm-based entrepreneurs in the South Puget Sound. Whether you are just starting your business or have been in business for a while, this Program will help you learn how to reach your financial goals for the future by using sound business planning concepts and tools tailored specifically to small farm and food-based entrepreneurs.

You will learn vital skills for running a successful small farm or food-processing business with:

  • A comprehensive business planning process
  • Excellent instructors and quality materials
  • Technical assistance, and peer support
  • Access to credit for your small enterprise

Guest speakers will include local buyers (restaurants and stores), Washington State Department of Agriculture, and successful business owners.

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Get ready for the next Agri-Preneur Business Planning Program in 2018/2019!

 Step 1: FREE Information Session – to find out more

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This one-hour meeting provides information about the Agri-preneur Business Planning Program, entrepreneurial support services and our organization. It is also a time for us to get to know interested participants and answer questions. Prerequisite for full Program.

Step 2: Business Readiness Workshop

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During this two day workshop our experienced trainers & guest experts will help participants determine what is required to move their business forward, such as regulations, risks, costs, plus the rewards, commitment, and hard work necessary to succeed in the Agri-preneur Business Planning Program and eventually in their own business. Prerequisite for full Program.

Step 3: Full Agri-preneur Business Planning Program

After the Business Readiness Workshop, participants who are ready to move forward can take the full Business Planning Program. This experiential program covers the main areas of business planning, including marketing, pricing, competition, and financial planning. Participants gain many skills in addition to the business planning tools. These skills impact confidence level, self-esteem and organization as participants refine the presentation of their products and services. At the end of the training, participants will have created a business plan for their small enterprise.

What Our Small Farm Business Planning Program Participants Have to Say

“Enterprise for Equity business training prepared me to run my business efficiently. They gave me the tools to stay organized, which has kept me on a successful path. ”  – Lisa David, co-owner of Nineveh Assyria and E4E graduate.

“E4E gave me tangible experience to match my entrepreneurial imagination. I continue investing in my community by investing in Enterprise for Equity, my go-to business professionals. Thank you Enterprise for Equity for giving me new tools including business plan training, cost analysis, and business coaching.” – Heather Wood, owner of Oh, Heather Honey and E4E graduate.

“Enterprise for Equity gave me the tools to understand my business better. I now have a much better grasp of what my business is, and what it takes to make it work for me. Enterprise for Equity also gave me the confidence I needed for my business. The confidence that what I do is worth something. That there are people who value what I do and are willing to pay to have the best. I feel so much more grown up about my business now. I get it. I really do.” – Selma Bjarnadottir, co-owner of Flying Cow Creamery and E4E graduate.

“OlyKraut was formed with a lot of enthusiasm and very little time but we knew what we wanted to do and had been running the business for about a year when we enrolled in Enterprise for Equity. It seems to be the case that with two owners you can be twice as strong or cancel each other out, and with Enterprise for Equity training, we were able to develop a business plan together that encompassed our individual strengths and crystallized our shared passion for food, health, and a sustainable local economy into a business that can support us and our community as we move towards a healthier, more sustainable future. ” – Sash Sunday, owner of OlyKraut and E4E graduate