Foxglove Food and Fiber Farm

Foxglove Food & Fiber Farm is a 15 acre farm located in the historic farming community on the Key Peninsula. They provide organic fruit and produce, sustainably and ethically produced yarn and spinning fibers, and hand-crafted goat milk soap. Find more about all their offerings by following them on Instagram: or on Facebook: @foxglovefarmkp. […]

The Wayside Cafe and Deli

  The Wayside Cafe and Deli is a plant-based restaurant located in downtown Olympia, with a delicious array of decadent, comfort vegan food.   Find out more about them by visiting their Facebook page: facebook/waysideolympia   Or try them out yourself!: 609 Capitol Way S Olympia, Washington  

Mimir’s Grove

  Mimir’s Grove is a small, multi-generational family run farm. We believe that re-localizing our food systems, meaning more small farms, using fewer fossil fuels, and taking greater care of the communities (human and non-human, domestic and wild alike) is vital to the healthy future of our species and the planet as we know it. We […]


Cobb’s specializes in magical plant-centric food, with the finest organically grown, unrefined, responsibly sourced, dairy free and grainless (gluten free) ingredients we can find. Their two product offerings are a chilled chocolate cup and a cultured cashew cream cheese. The cups are a decadent, chilled grab-and-go dessert in the shape of a two-inch hemisphere, with […]

Skokomish Ridge Mushroom Growers’ Cooperative

Skokomish Ridge Mushroom Growers’ Cooperative and its individual grower members produce a variety of specialty mushrooms for distribution throughout the Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound Region. Mushrooms currently grown include shiitake, maitake, lion’s mane and king trumpet. The Cooperative was established by Bob and Harriet Ames in 2016 who have over 12 years of experience […]

Oh, Heather Honey

Oh, Heather Honey is a bio-dynamic farm where we produce comb honey,  straw grass for building hand woven sun hives, and contract wheat grass and catnip. Working to bring home-grown honey bee queens to your area, with rooftop gardens, and beehives. To learn more about Oh, Heather Honey please visit their Facebook page: “E4E gave […]


OlyKraut is a small artisan company,  which has been rooted in Olympia  since 2008. We are completely devoted to producing energetically rich, probiotic, organic, raw and vegan fermented vegetable products, as locally as possible. OlyKraut handcrafts sauerkrauts, pickles, and sipping brines in Olympia, Washington. For nearly a decade we’ve developed our original recipes, using centuries-old preservation techniques, and […]

Sweet Dirt Farm

Sweet Dirt Farm is a small family farm, tucked away in the foothills of the Southern Cascades. We grow a wide variety of mixed vegetables on half of an acre in the rich Cowlitz River valley, in the town of Packwood, WA. We sell at the Packwood Farmers Market, located at 105 Main St. E, Saturdays […]

Nineveh Assyrian

After working throughout my childhood in my parents’ restaurant and in the service industry as an adult, I have decided to create a restaurant to satisfy my passion for cooking the food of my people. Nineveh, the last capital of the Assyrian Empire was once one of the largest settlements in the world. Around 700 […]

Steamboat Junction Farm

Steamboat Junction is a small, diversified farm specializing in mixed vegetable, pork, eggs, and heirloom garlic production, located in Holiday Valley, near Olympia, Washington.   Owner Evan Mulvaney is one among a growing number of young farmers. He lives to work the land, care for animals, and bring that love of good food to his community.  […]