Dependable Strengths

A 2-Day Workshop for Job Seekers, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Career Counselors

  • Do you have adult children moving back home? Are you in the middle of a life transition?  Perhaps you interested in exploring a new career? Maybe you want to communicate about your business more effectively?
  • This workshop offers powerful tools that build confidence and self-awareness.
  • Learn meaningful skills for speaking effectively about your interests, experience and strengths to do the job!

This is a public event and anyone is welcome to register.

“Fun!” “Feel more confident in my skills” “I found myself” “I loved it!” “I wish it was longer!”

 “Prior to the workshop I was “just a job seeker” –a bit lost and a bit more defeated. I am now a student pursuing a degree in Database Management, a passion I’ve always had, but prior to the workshop, was afraid to pursue. I am currently going through a multiple step interview process for a position with Amazon. The dependable strengths workshop helped me discover who I am and the multiple strengths I have to offer. It truly changed my life!”  ~ Recent Dependable Strengths Participant

This empowering experience will enhance your ability to:

  • Identify fulfilling careers
  • Build a job-finding action plan
  • Develop networking tools to explore “hidden income opportunities”
  • Communicate your value to anyone seeking your services
  • Prepare for interviews & meetings
  • Demonstrate your value as an employee or an entrepreneur!


JUNE 1-2, 2019

Tuition:  $95


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Registration: Please call 360-704-3375 ext. 2 or Email: