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Janice Arnold – JA Felt

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Our mission is to ensure that low income people in the South Puget Sound region have access to training, technical assistance, support and credit for small business development. These services are provided with the belief that people can and do transform their lives as they bring their strengths, initiative and dreams to their entrepreneurial efforts.

With your past financial support we have been able to develop a curriculum, offer several trainings per year, and launch our Entrepreneurial Support Network, but we must be honest and tell you that, like other non-profits in these challenging times, we are hurting for funds. We are proud of the many local individuals and businesses who are supporting our efforts. However, just as our own paychecks seem to be whiled away with each passing day and each delivery of mail, so is the case at E4E.

We need your ongoing support for our local economy, and investment in small business owners at the lowest tier of the economic ladder. To sustain and grow the work, we are currently raising funds for our future needs. Enterprise for Equity has very little overhead or administrative expense. This means that any tax-deductible donation that you make will make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

Enterprise for Equity is at a critical stage in its short life.

Most of our energies have been devoted to the quality of our program. As we like to say, “We have built the car; now we need the fuel.”

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, and our Executive Director, Lisa Smith, we want to thank you for your support, and wish you the best.

Your contribution can be one-time, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually payable by check or by setting up automatic monthly electronic funds transfers. Donate now!