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 At this time, we do not have any scheduled Mason-County specific program. Stay tuned for updates!

Please feel free to contact us about classes in other regions.

The following classes are available to Mason County residents only through special funding by the Washington State Community Development Block Grant Program with federal funds provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

If you are interested in registering for an Information Session, which is the gateway into the Business Readiness Workshop and Business Planning Program, please fill out the Intake form on this page: Intake

BUSINESS TRAINING (additional classes listed at bottom of this web page)

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Do this: If you are interested in registering for an Information Session, which is the gateway into the Business Readiness Workshop and Business Planning Program, please fill out the Intake form on this page: Intake

Frequently Asked Questions about our business classes:

Who is eligible for this program?

Those who live in Mason County whose annual household income falls under the numbers below are eligible for these trainings:

1 person household: 36,400

2 person household: 41,600

3 person household: 46,800

4 person household: 52,000

5 person household: 56,200

6 person household: 60,350

Who should take the business trainings?

The business trainings are valuable for anyone thinking about starting a business OR anyone who has been in business but needs to sharpen their business skills in order to be more productive and profitable.  These classes are interesting, interactive and packed with meaningful information.

What is presented in these training programs?   Enterprise for Equity provides information on how to market your business, strengthen your operations, manage your business finances, track your customers, grow your business over time, and so much more. Business coaching is a key component of the training and is offered to support the specific needs of owners and their businesses. These classes have been serving both start-up and existing businesses for over 15years, supporting business owners in becoming more confident and strategic.

What kinds of businesses have been starting with this program?  Over the last several years, Enterprise for Equity has helped to launch several kinds of businesses, including web design, child care, artistic, manufacturing, home care, fishing, health products, farming, food processing, computer repair and many others.  Learn more about some of these businesses here.

Once I’m finished with the program will there be help once I am in business? Mason County is working with several key partners to reach potential business owners (North Mason Chamber and the Economic Development Council of Mason County) and to ensure that businesses have the support they need to get started (with Enterprise for Equity) or move forward with expansion by working with Mason EDC and WSU Extension.

How long does the training last? The classes meet for 4-5 hours in the evening, on a weekly basis for several weeks (generally between 10-12).  The whole process takes approximately 2-3 months to complete.  The homework in the class creates the foundation of the business plan.

What does it cost? Thanks to Mason County and special grant funding (Community Development Block Grant), these trainings are free for people living in Mason County. Although these classes are free we have expectations for participation and completion of the programs.

How can I get a Micro-loan?  People who complete our business planning programs are eligible to apply for small microloans up to $25,000 for their small enterprise.  Graduates of our program complete the microloan application and submit it for review.

Where are these classes offered in Mason County? These workshops and programs are offered in various locations throughout Mason County, including Shelton, Belfair, Union, Hoodsport, Kamilche, etc.  Review schedules for specifics.

When is it offered? These workshops and programs will be offered at various times in late 2016 and throughout 2017 and early 2018. See the schedule for specifics.

How do I sign up for class? Start by attending an Information Session (see schedule for dates/locations)! To RSVP for an Information Session, please call Beth at 360-704-3375 or email her at:

What other programs do you offer?  Enterprise for Equity offers Money 101 classes (also free) for anyone who wants to get better at managing their personal finances.  This program covers how to budget, save, read your credit report, improve your credit score and much more.

What if I am not quite ready to start my business?  We offer a powerful workshop called Dependable Strengths.  This is a two-day program that helps people discern what they love to do, what they are good at and how their past experience can prepare them for their optimal business or career.

Who are the trainers? Our business program trainers are experienced business owners, mentors, and group facilitators who are skilled in supporting individuals and their dreams of starting businesses. Our other training partners have expertise in special areas of interest like tax, legal and insurance considerations.



Money 101

Dependable Strengths

These business support services are brought to you through a partnership including: North Mason Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Council of Mason County, Washington State University Mason County Extension.



Mason County Community Development Block Grant Grievance Procedure: Click here for details