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Commercial Kitchen Survey

Enterprise for Equity is grateful for the opportunity to use QuestionPro to launch our South Sound Commercial Kitchen User Survey. The survey results will help us understand the potential need for a large commercial kitchen facility and explore programs and initiatives to better assist the people we serve and others who want to launch and grow their food-based enterprises. Our South Sound Commercial Kitchen User Survey can be found here:

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Coming July & August-Social Media Marketing Intensive with Mary K Johnson


Beginning: Wednesdays July 22 and July 29, 5-9PM
Intermediate: Wednesdays August 5 and 12, 5-9PM
Websites need traffic and social media is a cost effective way to generate it. Social media networks provide access to conversations that happen any time, any place, 24/7. In these courses you will learn how to create original content using time-tested methods of marketing adapted to current communication standards. We will start with business marketing goals, honing in on individual priorities. You will learn ways to grow your network and increase potential business with your identified target markets.

Offered in this course:
• How to start using social networks to market your business/organization/or project based on your marketing priorities.
• Find out which networks are the best to engage in.
• Discover how to balance your marketing time for the best outcome.
• Start a new social network profile, and/or improve an existing one.
• Learn how to build on the networks you have, with an introduction about ways to grow the networks you want.
• Use your smart-phone or tablet to take original photos to develop engaging content. A digital camera will also work.
• Begin to develop a set of original content ideas.
• Find relevant content to share.
• Understand the relationship between social media networks and the website your business uses.

• Build on your goals from the Beginning class.
• Strategically engage in selected networks that match your business marketing goals.
• Develop a 1-year marketing plan using a workflow designed to streamline the time you spend marketing via social networks.
• Learn how to analyze and learn from successful social media campaigns of other similar businesses.
• Understand how to use a paid promotion to enhance your engaging marketing efforts.
• Gain a deeper understanding of smart-phone photography and ways to edit photos using optional apps. This will help to develop a brand style that carries in your photos.
• Discover how to build on original content ideas, learning more about crafting compelling headlines, and writing good articles.
• Gain a comprehensive understanding of ways to link social media activity to website promotions, either on your website or via a community website that is promoting your business.

To register, please contact Lauren at 360-734-3375 x3 or email

Graduates $100 each class paid in advance ($175 for both paid in advance)
Non-Graduates $150 each class paid in advance ($275 for both paid in advance)

Mary K Johnson is the owner of Corona Communications which is built upon her twelve year background in marketing and design work. She has been designing no-code websites since 2006. In 2009 she began working with social media networks to increase website traffic for her clients. As a graphic designer she spent nine years with Costco Wholesale creating original package designs, and five years working as a self-employed designer in Tacoma, WA. 
This social media workshop has been developed to provide an introduction to the essential tools needed to begin marketing small businesses via these networks. In the classroom Mary K‘s consulting background is adapted to a group-setting, using work-along demonstrations and facilitating collaborative learning. This workshop will serve to benefit small business owners by helping them to work towards their diverse social media marketing goals.

Grow Your Business with Social Media Marketing

Grow Your Business with Social Media Marketing-Business Builders Workshop
Wednesday, May 27, 6-8:30pm
Presented by Mary K. Johnson, Corona Communications Marketing & Design

Businesses need customers. Social media marketing is a cost effective way to generate customers. Social networks provide access to conversations that happen any time, any place, 24/7. In this workshop you will learn how to align your marketing goals to these networks and grow the customer base you want and discover ways to identify and interact with these customers, so that they turn to you when they need your business. Come away from this workshop with the basis of what you need to get started, including some helpful tools to build a marketing strategy that works with your timeframe.

In this workshop you will:

You will also get a brief overview about comprehensive upcoming courses on social media marketing for business and no-code website creation. These will be available through Enterprise for Equity starting this summer.

Sign up today!

This workshop will be provided by Corona Communications | Marketing & Design, a business dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and agri-preneurs with essential marketing services.

Let’s grow!
$10 for Enterprise for Equity Graduates $30 for General Public
for more information or to register, contact us at 360-704-3375 x 3 or

June Financial Education-OLYMPIA

E4E_FinEd_June 2015

Innovating Waste-to-Profit in Grays Harbor

Is your company throwing away valuable materials as waste? On April 28th Grays Harbor businesses from all industries are convening to explore ways to extract greater value from their waste streams. This interactive event will provide real world examples of local companies that are saving money through waste exchanges and building profitable businesses that turn waste into new products. Focused breakout sessions will enable participants to make connections, discover collaboration opportunities with commercial partners and other stakeholders, and spark innovation. Discover the value of sustainable resource management for reducing costs, innovating new entrepreneurial opportunities, and promoting a strong local economy. Join us on April 28th and start recapturing the value of your waste materials. REGISTER today!



Many low-income working individuals and families qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, which you can find out more about on our Whom We Serve page.

“Enterprise for Equity provided me with the support I needed to find a way to fit into the work force. My ideas and organization skills were recognized as strengths and the interactions with others broke up the routine pattern of isolation I sometimes get in.”

“I have had struggles with DSHS about self-employment as a viable option for getting off welfare, but many of the skills I learned in class gave me the resource base necessary to demonstrate my business could successfully meet requirements for getting my family off welfare.”

Enterprise for Equity Graduate